Przedsiębiorstwo Techniczne Plex was established in 1991.

Since the beginning, we have specialized in the processing of ferrous metals, aluminium and plastics.
Over time, our services have been extended to design utility forms, powder coating and screen printing.

The main purpose of our products is related to visual information and advertising. We have social and technical facilities of 1800m2 and full equipment that make us independent of cooperation.

We employ inter alia: computer designers, welders and locksmiths, plastic modellers, varnishers, electricians, printers and qualified editors.

The offer of our services is directed to large companies and individual investors.

Owing to the equipment we have and technologies implemented over the years, we are able to cope with every challenge in our industry.

Our products on the market have an excellent reputation, taking into account the professionalism and quality of workmanship as well as the attractiveness of prices.

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Ballot boxes

plexTransparent ballot boxes 
complies with models of PKW, 
election booths, rostrums
and  national emblems.
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Przedsiębiorstwo Techniczne „PLEX”
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